Helping Business Owners Plan for the Single, Most Important Financial Event of their Lives – the Transition Out of Their Business!

Exit Planning Process

  1. Helping Owner(s) Clarify and Articulate Their Business and Personal Objectives
  2. Quantify Business Value & Personal Resources
  3. Maximize and Protect Business Value
  4. Ownership Transfers to Third Parties
  5. Ownership Transfers to Management or Employees Using ESOP’s
  6. Family Business Transitions
  7. Business Continuity
  • Common Exit Objectives – Maximize proceeds, minimize taxes and stay in control of the process.
  • We work as part of an inter-disciplinary Team of Advisors.  We know that a successful exit is the product of trained, experienced professionals who work together to meet the owners exit planning goals.
  • We create owner-centered Exit Plans based on your goals, objectives and concerns. Only after listening carefully to your answers in the goal and fact-gathering questionaires and our discussions do we begin to create your unique Exit Plan.
  • We are objective. We do not sell, or get compensated from the sale of, other financial products.  Our fees are based on consulting services provided.