Diagnostic Business Review

This service involves preparation for and a 2 to 3 hour meeting with the owners of a business and one or more of our managing directors for the purpose of helping them identify opportunities to increase business value and preparing for an exit.

To prepare for these meetings we request certain financial statements and other information in advance.

We follow this meeting with a letter summarizing our discussions and our suggestions on how to proceed with value creating succession planning.

Business Valuation

Steve Hammes became accredited in Business Valuation (ABV) in 2012 and performs calculations of business value.

Sell Side Mergers & Acquisitions

This service consists of sell-side assistance in connection with a sale of a business to third parties usually involving a controlled auction process.

Our Managing Directors have extensive strategic and financial experience in buying and selling businesses.

Deferred Compensation Plan Design

Often used by exiting owners to increase the tax efficiency of a business sale/transfer.

Professional Staff

Integrus has professional staff support with financial, accounting and administration skills available to assist with consulting projects when needed.

Value Drivers Review

The objective of this service is to identify specific strategies that are most likely to have a significant impact on the value of a business.

It includes:

  1. Identifying the Value Gap between what the business is worth today and the future business value desired,
  2. An extensive interview with management using our Value Driver Review Questionnaire to identify specific value driving opportunities,
  3. A Value Drivers Report documenting our recommendations.

The ultimate business value measurement is Future Return on Invested Capital.  We organize our discussions and recommendations around the components of this measurement.

Equity-based (Phantom Stock) Management Incentive Compensation Design

For business owners and CEO who want to incent and reward key managers who focus on enhancing business value

Shareholders/Buy-Sell Agreement Design

The objectives of this service is to assist business owners with updating buy-sell/stock repurchase agreements to reflect current realities by reviewing and incorporating owners objectives and the business, financial and tax considerations in planning for potential voluntary or involuntary business interest ownership transfers.

Financial Management Services

  • Financing Analysis and Sourcing-
    • This service consists of assisting clients with evaluating alternate methods of business financing including assistance with preparation of financial presentations for financial institutions and creditors.
  • Profit Enhancement and Pricing Analysis
    • This service consists of reviewing client financial statements and records to offer advice on methods of improving profitability. It will include a discussion of the value drivers for the business and how they might be more effective.

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