John recently completed a 33 year career with Wells Fargo serving the company in Minneapolis, LaCrosse, Cedar Rapids and the Quad Cities.

His primary focus has been helping business owners grow and succeed by providing resources and expertise in commercial lending. John helps clients improve profitability through greater efficiency by displaying his expertise of treasury management, performance improvement, and a wide range of complex business solutions.

During his Wells Fargo tenure, John played a key role in a number of acquisitions/mergers with duties ranging from due diligence to transition /integration leadership. He also helped numerous customers as they explored ways to enhance shareholder value and improve long term results. He also played a key role in helping independent community banks implement acquisition strategies and related financing.

John has played a key role in numerous community organizations including the Chairmanship of numerous public and non-profit entities. His focus has always been on financial stewardship and long term strategic planning.

He is active as treasurer of the Quad Cities Contributions Council, as a Trustee of Clarke University and as a member of the Board of Governors of the Iowa College Foundation.

John has frequently served as a guest lecturer in college classrooms across the Midwest and has been a long time instructor at the Wells Fargo University College of Commercial Credit.

His broad background provides many unique perspectives to share with business owners as they plan the future strategy for their organizations.